2014 In The Rear View

2014, an odd year fraught with personal tragedy and emotional upheaval (although not without it’s glimmers of tranquility), marked it’s deep notch on the life calendar. It was hard. It was miserable. It was cathartic.

Midway through the year an old friend and incredibly talented fellow illustrator, Steph Marin approached me with the proposition of curating an art show together. Something I have never done before, let alone have any idea where to start. Naturally, the answer was a resounding “Oh fuck yeah”. The idea was infectious.

It had been years since any of the previous shows, with nothing new to present. Simply put, that was unacceptable. 2014 saw a bit of a resurgence in my work. The first half of the year focused on figuring out where I wanted to take my work. What could I do now with it? Which subjects interested me? Themes, colors, content, etc. etc. All of it at the fore front. The show was the final rattle. The last tempting wave of the finger to fully dive into dementia and float back to the surface with every ounce of poison ready to be cast out.

After a few bumps in the road, we managed to collect other like minded artists. Some of which, I have known for years and finally received the chance to work with them. Soon after, we had a venue and a date. It was real. It was frightening. It was electric.

We made it to the show in disguise. No longer operating as individuals, but as a collective. We shed our names the same way we shed our grief. We turned around to see what gave us inspiration and offered them our perspective. A View With A Room began to take shape.

Below, I offer you the road taken. The finished products. The promise of an inky future. Enjoy!

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