2014 In The Rear View

2014, an odd year fraught with personal tragedy and emotional upheaval (although not without it’s glimmers of tranquility), marked it’s deep notch on the life calendar. It was hard. It was miserable. It was cathartic.

Midway through the year an old friend and incredibly talented fellow illustrator, Steph Marin approached me with the proposition of curating an art show together. Something I have never done before, let alone have any idea where to start. Naturally, the answer was a resounding “Oh fuck yeah”. The idea was infectious.

It had been years since any of the previous shows, with nothing new to present. Simply put, that was unacceptable. 2014 saw a bit of a resurgence in my work. The first half of the year focused on figuring out where I wanted to take my work. What could I do now with it? Which subjects interested me? Themes, colors, content, etc. etc. All of it at the fore front. The show was the final rattle. The last tempting wave of the finger to fully dive into dementia and float back to the surface with every ounce of poison ready to be cast out.

After a few bumps in the road, we managed to collect other like minded artists. Some of which, I have known for years and finally received the chance to work with them. Soon after, we had a venue and a date. It was real. It was frightening. It was electric.

We made it to the show in disguise. No longer operating as individuals, but as a collective. We shed our names the same way we shed our grief. We turned around to see what gave us inspiration and offered them our perspective. A View With A Room began to take shape.

Below, I offer you the road taken. The finished products. The promise of an inky future. Enjoy!

website update



Under Construction

As you can see, the website is currently getting a face lift. Certainly for the better. A lot of new artwork will be hitting the site soon, along with some of my graphic design work. So stay tuned folks!




It took well over the course of a few months to finish this, but it's finally fucking done. It seems like I can't go one year without getting wrapped up in a big piece. What originally started off as a portrait of my friend and fellow artist, Charmaine Olivia, soon turned into a major exploration into new territories. As I was working, I wasn't happy just working on a portrait. I wanted more out of it. From there, Agatha and Tarah were born and the piece now became a triptych. Something I have yet to do and something I want to perfect. Once all the lovely ladies were in place, it was time for the coloring stages of the process. But then I fucked it all up royally and found myself in quite a pickle.

You learn by doing and that means fucking up. Once the drawings were done, I began to water color them. During this stage, I was becoming very antsy and wanted to see the finished product before I was anywhere near done, so I rushed myself. Thus creating the blotted mess you see below.

Luckily I had scanned the originals into my computer as a fail-safe in the event that such an incident might occur. But during the process, I realized I wasn't happy with the portrait. Something about it was off. After a week or two of debating, I finally redrew it.

From here on out, I decided that water colors wasn't the way to go so I opted out for digital painting instead. In the end, it worked out so much better. A lot of time was spent figuring out skin tones for the girls and how to approach the details within their hair. Most of my time went into those details which really paid off in the end.

The last step, which should have been the first, was figuring out the background. Now, the way you're supposed to do this is you figured out your background first and then move your way to the foreground. I have never done this and I really should start doing this soon because on this project it was a major pain in the ass. I would saw a good 2 months was spent figuring this out. This stage should seriously take no more than a few hours, a couple days tops. But I'm an asshole. Sure enough though, I found what I wanted and the piece was complete. Charmaine and her cohorts (Agatha and Tarah) were finished and it was ready to be set upon the public like a flesh eating bacteria. I hope you ladies and gents enjoyed this little break down. If anyone has any questions on the process, feel free to shoot me a line. Take it easy!


Massive Update + Super Happy Fun Times!

Where the fuck have I been you ask? Well, I've been experiencing quite the eventful summer. Apologies all around. I promise you, fine people of the internet, this shall not happen again. Especially since some major changes have occurred. I will most definitely be a lot more present on this blog as well as the other forms of social networking sites you can find me on (eg. Twitter & Facebook). There's plenty of news to cover so lets get to it shall we!? First off, the big stuff...

My website is finally up and fully operational! Please check it out and spread the word to your friends, loved ones, local police enforcement, the vagrant that hands outside the super market. As you can see, the blog will be tied in with the site so you can read this post there as well. We also have a neat little comment feature on all the illustrations. Finally, props go out to Azalea for designing the lovely site. She did such a fantastic job. I honestly couldn't be happier with the results. Go hire her and give her lots of cash.

Second! Over the summer I hooked up with a fantastic group of people that go by the name of The White Train. They are a group of individuals who seek out local artists in the tri-state area and bring them together to form a collective of super-crazy talented individuals. We're like the super friends, but we drink and curse like sailors. It's fun. They had a big opening event in the middle of the summer which had a HUGE turn out. Pictures will be posted below with links attached to each image. Please follow them on facebook if you like what you see.

(White Train Blog)

(Launch Event Photo Album)

(White Train Facebook Fan Page)

(My interview with The White Train)

(My Facebook Fan Page!)

As you can see on the last picture, I now have a Facebook fan page :). So you better go like it or I will cry myself to sleep for many nights. Onto the last bit of news, my trip to beautiful San Francisco! Around mid-August a couple of friends and I ventured to the great west coast. It was quite the lovely experience. We got to meet some fantastic people, visit some truly beautiful places and ate like fucking kings. Unfortunately, I don't have the pictures we took on me at the moment, so that will be posted sometime later. Well thats it for today my friends. Tomorrow you guys shall be treated to some progress shots of what I'm currently working on. Until then, farewell!


Squid Man & Wolf Boy

Two more freaks join the group. Haven't really decided who to do next. I'm sure I'll think of something interesting when I least suspect it. Anyway, enjoy and let me know what you think!


Portraits and such

Here's a couple of sketches I'm working on as practice. I'm thinking of starting a series of circus freaks drawings. It's quite the possibility. Enjoy!